The True Technology Wind Generation System LLC.
For the past millennium energy has been in existence, and for the next millennium energy will be here, perhaps in a different form and/or conditions. If the human race keeps going in the same path as it is now, it is possible that no human will be on this earth at that time. It is easier to cry overreaction or be overdramatic instead of finding solutions.
This is the fundamental concept of energy. It cannot be created nor destroyed. It can change forms such as Mechanical Energy can be transformed into Electrical Energy.
All matter contains energy; most of this energy is on the form of non useful for human consumption, but it is useful for the matter at hand. In more instances matter must change form, before energy is subtracted. Further process is required to become available for the purpose intended. It is imperative to identify matter that contains energy, and is not a requirement to adjust its current form.  Never the less in some matter it is easier to subtract some energy at the time. Every extraction of energy must follow a method or process.
After many years of research and development, coupled with countless experiments, a method of subtracting energy from the air and convert it to Mechanical energy has been found.
The Mechanical energy then is converted into electrical energy by passing a copper wire through a rotational magnetic field. The electrical energy is processed with electronic devices to become useful for human consumption.
The generator is to be installed on the roof.  The base and pole have been designed up to California Building Code section 1609.
The turbine starts spinning at 2-3 mph wind velocity.  At a velocity of 7.39 mph the generator is capable of charging six 12 volt batteries, we use deep cycle batteries.
At this wind velocity a safe power load of 125 volt/amp can be used per line, and there are three independent lines coming out of the generator at different phase angle. With a higher wind velocity higher loads can be used.
Unlike solar energy, this energy is more independent.
For most common people, it is very hard to understand the bolts and nuts of power generation. For starters, power consumption is not the same as power generation. Think of it this way: if a person wants to eat strawberries, it is possible for that person to go to a strawberry field and even pick the fruit themselves, where they can eat as many as they want, in part because this type of fruit is eatable without any further process.
Now supposed that the same person wants to drink a cup of coffee, He/she can go to the field and pick – up coffee beans, but he/she cannot consume a cup of coffee right there on the spot, like the strawberries, because the coffee beans needs further process, and the rules are different for processing the beans to consume the coffee.
Most people looks at power generation as a strawberry field, when in fact it is more like a coffee bean.
What people truly understand is the fact that at certain wind velocity some power must be produced.
We are a team of two who have worked on this project for a long time. We recently formed The True Technology Wind Generation System LLC.  We share a common belief, which is that we truly believe in the dignity of people and of the planet. We truly believe that we must do our best to help make things better for people and the earth we all share. This project embodies that.  This system’s job is to harvest something naturally given and cause the minimal effect while providing a need for the people.  All of the materials used in building our system are recyclable.
We are self declared scientists, with Adminstration of Justice and Mechanical Engineering background. Along the way, we have learned many scientific skills and methods, and acquired many other skills. We still believe that there is much left to learn, and perhaps not enough time to do it.
By all means, the road has not been easy. We have invested everything on this project: money, family, emotions, and time. We did not stumble, or got “Lucky,” unlike Hollywood movies, we conduct experiments and used theories to predict system behavior, and adjust both and/or one of them, when the results did not fall within the engineering code of percent difference.
Our main interest is in life (human and nonhuman,) and the environment, nothing else.      
“Our dream is to see one of these systems in every roof. Just working away, taking the energy from the air and converting it into electricity.”
Carmelo Jimenez and Feliciano Navarro
"The stone with which one trips is a good spot to rest on, and figure out what went wrong."
                                          Carmelo Jimenez
"Today is your enemy, tomorrow might be your best friend."
Feliciano Navarro